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A company of thousands of righteous women, standing in prayerful, watchful and active guard over their families, cities and regions. Want to start a prayer hive? It’s not difficult, but the impact will be eternal and monumental.

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The Deborah Mantle: A Woman’s Call to Arise and Slay the Giants of Her Generation

Daughter of God, Embrace Your Identity as a Giant Slayer! Amidst the alarming headlines, panic for our future grows. This world, plagued by school shootings, sex trafficking, and hook-up culture, is not the norm we desire. Faced with such evil, what can we do? The truth is, as a daughter of God, you bear a potent mantle for Kingdom change. The Goliaths of our time, threatening a generation, pale in comparison to a woman who boldly rises, embraces her identity, and wields her sword of Kingdom authority.

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A hub for equipping and empowering God's daughters. From books to e-courses, discover the tools to become a mighty voice and warrior for your calling. Arm yourself with prayer, God's Word, and the strength needed to overcome today's challenges. Your time is now!

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