prayer hives A Mighty Company of Righteous Women

Embark on a transformative journey as we launch a prayer-hive movement, uniting thousands of righteous women in vigilant prayer over their families, cities, and regions.

  • 1. Gather Your Hive

    Feeling the call to start a prayer hive? Don't let the prospect overwhelm you. It's simpler than you realize. All you need is one more person—be it your spouse, children, or friends. As Jesus said in Matthew 18:19-20, where two agree in prayer, it will be done by the Father. Find a prayer partner to stand in agreement with, commit to regular prayer and communion, and your hive is ready to take flight.

  • 2. Mark Your Hive on the Prayer Map

    Utilize our interactive prayer map by submitting the general region your prayer hive covers (your name remains confidential for privacy). This helps us record the covered areas, envisioning your prayers as spiritual pollination with the Holy Spirit's unique scent. Marking hives on the map allows us to visualize the far-reaching impact of our united prayers.

    Mark Your Hive 
  • Join the Facebook Group

    Elevate your prayer journey by staying consistent in your relationship with Jesus. Connect with our group for continuous support as you stand guard over your families, cities, and nations. This steadfast community ensures a reliable source of strength in your ongoing prayer journey.

    Join the Facebook Group 
  • Follow the Prayer Directives

    You can receive these prayer directives via our FB group, email, or simply from following this blog or my instagram page: @christymjohnston. I’ll be updating monthly, sometimes weekly prayer directives, as the Holy Spirit leads. Some prayer directives will be guiding you in prayer for your families, others will be more governmental, guiding you in prayer and strategies for your local governments, and even Nation-wide and international issues.

“When new gods were chosen, then war came to the gates.”

— Judges 5:8