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The Deborah Mantle: A Woman's Call to Arise and Slay the Giants of Her Generation

The Deborah Mantle: A Woman's Call to Arise and Slay the Giants of Her Generation

Daughter of God, Step in to Your Identity as a Giant Slayer!

With each new horror screamed from the headlines, you can feel the growing panic for your children's future. This world—where school shootings, sex trafficking, and hook-up culture are rampant—is not what you want for them. But what can one mother do in the face of such evil?

The enemy doesn't want you to know the truth: as a mother, you carry a powerful mantle for Kingdom change. The issues of our day that feel like Goliaths seeking to take out a generation are no match for one woman who decides to boldly arise, step into her identity and wield her sword of Kingdom authority.

In The Deborah Mantle, author and prophetess Christy Johnston teaches on the biblical story of Deborah, offering revelatory insights that empower you to step into your full Kingdom authority to redirect culture, restore broken families, and shape a legacy for generations to come.

With warmth and insight, Christy dives into Deborah's life, revealing how this heroine approached the fierce battle of her day. Here, you will gain everything you need to effect powerful change around you, including how to:

  • enter in to the secret place with the Father
  • discover and deploy divine solutions and strategies in prayer
  • walk with confident humility in to war—and return victorious
  • slay the "Goliath" giants of this generation through prayer, intercession and warfare

Don’t waste one more minute frozen in fear — you are powerful through the Holy Spirit! Now is the time to step out in boldness and courage, laying waste to the idols of our day, redirecting culture, restoring broken families, and looking to the future with joyful expectation.

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